FIFTY project: a recap

Let’s take the opportunity of the beginning of a new month to make the recap of the FIFTY mail art call that I ran last year.

The project ran from 1st of January 2016 until 31st of December 2016. The theme was FIFTY, to celebrate my 50th anniversary.

I received contributions from 37 different artists located in 13 different countries. In total, I received 200 contributions (!). The number of contributions per person varies from 1 to more than 50 !

All contributions have been posted on this blog using a dedicated label (Subject: FIFTY). You can see all associated posts by clicking HERE

I’m now working on sending a thank you note individually to all contributors. This is time consuming so be patient. But it will come.

Let me conclude by a big THANK YOU to all contributors who brightened my 50th year!

4 commentaires:

  1. It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas for 'fifty', and even more fun seeing what others sent you.

    (P.S. You have linked to 'paper bag' entries instead of 'fifty')

    1. Thank you Phillip. Link is corrected now

  2. Sympa de voir tous les MA 50 ....
    Merci Eric

  3. Iryna Barysava1 mars 2017 à 21:15

    Thanks for sharing!