Exchange with Robin Moore

The last letter I sent to Robin was sent in an envelope made from a paper bag I got at the Buckingham Palace shop. This does not show very well on the scan but the bag has a golden color. It would have been better to send this envelope from the UK but unfortunately I did not think of it…

Robin answered me with an envelope made from a brown paper bag that she decorated with the new “hipster” stamps from Tim Holtz. I just love the result.

And my answer was sent in a bag I painted and stamped.

5 commentaires:

  1. I'm always disappointed that metallic colors don't scan accurately.

    I love the stamps you used on the Buckingham Palace bag, they are really beautiful.

    1. Yes this stamp series is really nice.

      Much nicer than this new Mariane stamp with the ugly QR code. I hate it.

    2. Is the QR code stamp from a machine? Here the self service machines issue stamps with barcodes - and only the first class ones have a picture.

    3. No this is is the new version of the Marianne for letters to the rest of the world. The same for Europe. Only the standard rate one (the red one) is without QR code. They did that to ease the handling by the sorting machines. I guess this is to get more chance to have your letter lost or misrouted...