ATC sent to Judy

As an answer to her ATC, I sent this one to Judy Staroscik.

And I sent it in this envelope.

Le temps retrouvé

Christiane Hurel sent me two envelopes made from a bag coming from a French book store located in Amsterdam and called « Le temps retrouvé ».

“Le tremps retrouvé” (Time regained) is the last part of “A la recherche du temps perdu” (In search of lost time), the main work from the French author Marcel Proust.

As you can see Christiane kept the handled of the bags, and they travelled very well!

London calling… and mail art on the go

I recently spent one week of holidays in London. When I left for London, I did it in a hurry and did not bring any material or tools for mail art. But I knew I had to send some things from there, so I had to improvise. It made me think that I should start putting together a travel mail art tool kit, with the strict minimum I need to create mail art while I’m traveling. Something light and easy to bring with me everywhere. Question to my fellow mail artists: Do you carry any tool kit when you travel? What’s inside?

As I said, once in London I had to improvise a bit. I did not even have a pair of scissors. The only think I bought was glue. Anyway, I never have too much glue at home… I found a free city guide with maps on London inside, so I used this as a basis for an envelope.

I added some stickers, as embellishment. I don’t know if all the stickers made it as they were quite puffy. And here is the envelope I sent to Phillip.

I then realized that the packaging of the stickers I had just purchased contained a card with a nice black and white map of London. So I transformed it into a postcard to Micu in Hungary.

I sent some other pieces but forgot to take a picture…

Reveived from Lars Schumacher

A very nice contribution from Lars who used a bag to make paper to create a postcard. A different way of recycling. The images are not very good because the postcard has some dimension and therefore is hard to scan.

A paper bag and a mail art call

Valerian sent me this wonderful paper bag coming from a haberdashery store and also a mail art call.

ATC received from Judy Staroscik

I recently joined the ATC rebel group on IUOMA and I then received a very nice ATC from Judy. Sent in a nice envelope.

Received from Willemien Visser

Willemien sent me a very nice envelope made from a gift paper bag she got at Le Louvre museum. It is decorated with old illustration of Paris.

On the front, she added an old map of the line 4 of the Parisian underground. She very cleverly prolongated it until the mention of Montrouge in my address. Indeed, since now few years the line has been extended and it termintes no more at “Porte d’Orléans”, but  at “Mairie de Montrouge”, located very near where I live. This extension has changed my life, I can tell you.

On the back, she added a vintage map of Paris showing the area of Montparnasse, where I go very often as this is where my favorite brasserie is located!

Birthday wishes from Micu

Last week I have celebrated my 51st birthday and I have received this cute handmade birthday card from Micu.

It was sent in this nice paper bag envelope!

Fly me to the moon

Phillip sent me another fantastic postmark commemorating a 50th anniversary. This time it commemorates the 50th anniversary of Apollo 1 mission. Apollo 1 was the first manned mission of the United States Apollo program. But a fire during a launch rehearsal test on January 27 at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station Launch Complex 34 killed all three crew members…

The envelope contained this wonderful moon card.

April exchange: the last envelope

The last envelope I received for the April exchange os this beauty from Kate Riley.

Mission Inspiration : May 2017

It is now time for a new mission inspiration from Mike Deakin. Here are the prompts, the suggested colors and words for May.

And here is the page. I'm not completly happy with it. I think this is because of the grey in the background...

Received from Louisa Leibner

Louisa send me this very nice paper bag. Look at these cute pigs…

Paper bag received from Ursu

Another contribution from Ursu who used a pharmacy bag this time. He also added several very nice artistamp.

A new bunch of paper bags

Here is a new bunch of paper bags I sent as answers to recent contributors.

First an African themed envelope for Marie. This is a plain brown paper bag that I used to add some collage elements.

A grocery bag used as a basis for this envelope to Thérèse Waryn.

A “Pret A Manger” paper bag with a coffee theme for Mzia Valerian.

A very floral bag I got at WH Smith in Paris for Vesna Majer.

For Philippe Charron, two envelopes. The first one is made with a bag from “L’art du papier” that I folded in such a way that only “l’art” can be seen.

The second one is made with a paper bag from the Orange company. Originally the bag was a large one with the word “Maison” (Home) written on it. The bag was a bit damaged and once cut and folded, only the word “Mais” (But) remained. So I decided to use this “mais” by adding a quote from “Le Petit Prince” which says : But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life. I love “Le Petit Prince” from Antoine de Saint Exupery and the dialogue between the fox and the little prince is my favorite part.

Exchange with Phillip

A very nice “World market” bag received from Phillip. I love the design of the bag. And the stamps are, as usual, very nice. They came out uncancelled, once again.

As an answer, I think I found the perfect bag for Phillip. Few weeks ago, at my work, they opened a Columbus Café where they use very nice brown paper bags decorated with a bear (the logo of Columbus Café) and the word Columbus written in white. As Phillip leaves in Columbus, Ohio, this appeared to be the perfect match!

Received from Nicole Eippers

A very nice sending from Nicole using a Spar paper bag.

Exchange with Smash

Smash sent me this cute small white paper bag envelope. The size is rather unusual as it is narrow but long. I love the triangular stamps (I always love triangular stamps. I think this is a cool shape for stamps).

And here is my answer using the second part of the “Maisons du monde” bag. It gave me the opportunity to use one of the washi tapes I recently purchased (Yes, yes. I really needed some new washi tapes ).

A paper bag from an anonymous contributor

I recently received this fantastic paper bag envelope. But the sender did not give me any name and any return address so I’m no able to answer to it. So if you are the sender, make me a sign!

Anyway, this is a very very nice contribution.

Sent to Kerosene

Recently, there has been an exhibition of paintings from Buffet. It was advertised in a magazine with a painting containing two birds that drew my attention. I cut out the birds for a further usage and I finally decided to integrate them in a digital creation. The background was made using Photoshop brushes to create a mixed media look.

Received from Sheri Rice

I recently advertised my paper bag mail art call on the IUOMA website. Thanks to this, Sheri sent me this very nice contribution. Sheri likes using recycled items in her art.

Urban inspiration

After browsing the IUOMA website I decided to send unsolicited mail art to some of the members. I created a set of envelopes using the Urban digital kits from Jen Maddocks design.