A new bunch of paper bags

Here is a new bunch of paper bags I sent as answers to recent contributors.

First an African themed envelope for Marie. This is a plain brown paper bag that I used to add some collage elements.

A grocery bag used as a basis for this envelope to Thérèse Waryn.

A “Pret A Manger” paper bag with a coffee theme for Mzia Valerian.

A very floral bag I got at WH Smith in Paris for Vesna Majer.

For Philippe Charron, two envelopes. The first one is made with a bag from “L’art du papier” that I folded in such a way that only “l’art” can be seen.

The second one is made with a paper bag from the Orange company. Originally the bag was a large one with the word “Maison” (Home) written on it. The bag was a bit damaged and once cut and folded, only the word “Mais” (But) remained. So I decided to use this “mais” by adding a quote from “Le Petit Prince” which says : But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life. I love “Le Petit Prince” from Antoine de Saint Exupery and the dialogue between the fox and the little prince is my favorite part.

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  1. These are all great, Eric. The pret a manger bag is funny, with the coffee bean + legs.