Exchange with Phillip

A very nice “World market” bag received from Phillip. I love the design of the bag. And the stamps are, as usual, very nice. They came out uncancelled, once again.

As an answer, I think I found the perfect bag for Phillip. Few weeks ago, at my work, they opened a Columbus Café where they use very nice brown paper bags decorated with a bear (the logo of Columbus Café) and the word Columbus written in white. As Phillip leaves in Columbus, Ohio, this appeared to be the perfect match!

2 commentaires:

  1. I am surprised so many bags are traveling with the stamps uncanceled. And you did send the perfect bag - I love how you included the name in the address, and of course the bear's face. No bears here, though, except at the zoo.

    1. I have always wondered why the logo of the company was a bear. According to their website they wanted somethings "different", something that would represent strength and power, something apealing for the public and something that evokes America. They came out with a bear...