London calling… and mail art on the go

I recently spent one week of holidays in London. When I left for London, I did it in a hurry and did not bring any material or tools for mail art. But I knew I had to send some things from there, so I had to improvise. It made me think that I should start putting together a travel mail art tool kit, with the strict minimum I need to create mail art while I’m traveling. Something light and easy to bring with me everywhere. Question to my fellow mail artists: Do you carry any tool kit when you travel? What’s inside?

As I said, once in London I had to improvise a bit. I did not even have a pair of scissors. The only think I bought was glue. Anyway, I never have too much glue at home… I found a free city guide with maps on London inside, so I used this as a basis for an envelope.

I added some stickers, as embellishment. I don’t know if all the stickers made it as they were quite puffy. And here is the envelope I sent to Phillip.

I then realized that the packaging of the stickers I had just purchased contained a card with a nice black and white map of London. So I transformed it into a postcard to Micu in Hungary.

I sent some other pieces but forgot to take a picture…

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  1. The stickers made it, with a very minor injury to the bus, thanks! I don't usually have a kit, just addresses, stamps and a pen. Once I took postcards with me to be sent from the UN in New York, I think that was the most prepared I have been on a trip as far as mail is concerned.