Three paper bags from Philippe Charron

Some contributors are so productive that I better gather several of their sending in the same blog post. Otherwise it will take months to display everything. This is the case of Philippe who send me these three wonderful contributions. Thank you so much.

First an envelope made from a very nice paper bag with a green/recycling theme. Very nice and perfect for my mail art call.

Then a bag that was used to wrap a sandwich I think, or may be simply pieces of bread. Philippe customized it a bit as he often does.

And a third one with a very nice paper bag used to wrap bread again.

It seems that “bread” paper bags are the most represented in the contributions I received so far. Probably because they are the easiest to get  (at least in France, of course).

1 commentaire:

  1. I love Philippe's choice of bags, stamps, and fun address positioning.