Trying to catch up

I recently mailed a bunch of answers to my contributors, trying to catch up the huge delay I have…

First two envelopes made from a Nespresso bag. One for Fabienne, using some vintage coffee ads.

And one for Hester.

On both envelopes, I used “chocolate” stamps that were issued few years ago by the French post (chocolate goes well with coffee… and I don’t think the French post has issued a coffee themed stamp). They are supposed to smell chocolate, but I think the smell has disappeared over the years…

Then I used a large Orange bag from an “Alice Délice” store to create four envelopes (Alice Délice stores sell kitchen tools). Here are the two first envelopes were made using the sides of the bags. I will share the other envelopes in other posts. One for Ursu and one for Christiane.

Then I used a bag from Monoprix, which is a sort of supermarket or general department store, to make envelopes to Philippe and Hester. Initially the bag says “c’est davantage d’avantages pour vous” (it’s more advantages for you). As you understand they played with the words avantage/davantage.

Then I used a bag from a Nicolas store to create wine themed envelopes to Ursu and Simon. Nicolas stores sell… wines as you guessed it.

The next envelopes were made using pharmacy bags. One for Ursu.

And one for Sheri. I colored the plant on the bag with my color pencils.

Then a new ‘baguette” bag that I sent to Uwe. I hope it arrived, as I wrote the address in a nontraditional way.

A grocery bag that I found very nice made a good envelope for Philippe Charron.

And last, but not least, a brown paper bag that I painted and stamped for Elena who likes ballerinas. The rubber stamp is from Visible Image.

7 commentaires:

  1. Eric, these are wonderful. Love the colors, the stamps, and the variety of ways of using a simple paper bag. Bravo.

  2. Iryna Barysava15 juin 2017 à 22:28

    Excellent works of art!

    1. Thank you Iryna. They were really fun to do.

  3. Merci pour ce joli mail art !et bravo pour toutes ces belles créations !