Exchange with Phillip Lerche

A nice sending from Phillip using a donuts bag. I love how the four square stamps echo the logo of the company. I like less the fact that the postal clerks felt obliged to postmark them with a pen!

In answer, I sent to Phillip this envelope made from the side of a Body Shop bag.

Received from Philippe Charron

Philippe sent me this envelope that is a tribute to Gotlib who passed away recently.

He also sent me this stunning item made from a radiography. The item is better seen in real life.

Finally, when cleaning my hard drive, I realized that I had forgotten to share with you this nice paper bag contribution that travelled very well despite the handles.

Bee mail art

Some mail art envelopes have a surprising story. At least two years ago I made an envelope using a page from a free magazine picturing honey. I had in mind to do a mail art for Scott who had at this time a mail art call about bees. Then I forgot about it. Until recently when I felt the need to finish it, adding some stamped images and some bee postage stamps. I’m not sure Scott’s call is still active, but I decided to send it anyway.

Paper bags, paper bags and more paper bags…

Here is a bunch of envelopes I sent recently to answer the contributions I have received from my paper bag mail art call.

First a Body Shop bag sent to Christiane.

Then two envelopes made from a bag of a store called “Nature et Découvertes”. On these envelopes I re-used the idea of cutting out stamps from the stamp sheet recently issued by the French Post about insects. The envelopes are sent to Troy and Deborah.

One envelope made from a “baguette” bag sent to Dorothea.

Two envelopes made from a pharmacy bag sent to Robyn and Vesna.

One envelope made from a Whittard bag sent to Katerina. I wanted to use the W part of these bags since a long time, so here it is. I added some color to make it more interesting.

One envelope made from an airline disposal bag (don’t know which company…) to Eni. Interesting to note that the French translation is incorrect. It should be something like “Après usage fermez en pliant” and not “par plier”. I’m always puzzled when I see companies accepting bad translations on their products. I mean it should be easy to pay a French native speaker to do a good translation…

Then two items for Phillip. The first one is an answer to his Kleenex envelope. I stole Hester’s idea and I used a chocolate wrapping. The packaging is cute but the chocolate was not so good, I must admit… I used three chocolate scented stamps.

And using the side of a Columbus Café paper bag, I made this envelope adding my signature frogs that I collaged under the strips of the bag. It was fun to do!

June exchange: the last two envelopes

I forgot to share with you the last two envelopes I got through the PTE June exchange. Firs a very nice envelope from Kate, with inside, as usual, a beautiful zentangle.

Then an envelope from Grace, made from a paper bag!

Interesting question from Philippe

As an echo a subject of a recent Philosophy exam that took place in France recently (in the scope of the “baccalauréat”), Philippe asks the question: Is mail art necessarily  beautiful? You have four hours to answer this question ;-)

Coffee themed paper bag envelopes

Being a serious coffee addict I have a bunch of bags from Nespresso that I need to recycle. So I made two new coffee themed envelopes.
One for Nicole Eippers, adding of course a nice little pig.

And one for Willemien Visser.

Another set of contributions

A nice paper bag that traveled without issues despite the handles. It was sent by Pascale Championnet. I love the “cocotte en papier” (I don’t know how this “paper hen” is called in English). It reminded me my childhood when I was a big fan of Origami and when I tried to fold the “smallest paper hen of the world”. I think the smallest I did was using a 5x5 mm square.

A colorful envelope sent from Greece by Maria Chorianopoulou

And a nice envelope sent by Vesna Majer from Croatia.

Exchange with Jocelyne Depierre

Jocelyne sent me this nice collage made on a paper bag envelope.

My answer is also a collage, made on a simple red paper gift bag.

Exchange with Diane Bertrand

A charming contribution coming from Diane in Canada.
And the envelope she used to send it.

My answer was made from a disposal bag from Air Canada.

More paper bags

I’m very late blogging some of the contributions that I received. So in order to catch up a bit, I have decided to group some of them in the same post. Otherwise if I share only one contribution per post as I have done before, it will take ages before I share everything with you.
First here is an envelope sent by Troy Brooks. A very nice grocery bag from Whole Foods Market. I really like  the Harvey Milk stamps and the rainbowish earth stamp.

Then a sending from Deborah Dutton, using a Trader Joe’s bag.

And a large envelope send from Australia by Robyn Banks with a super hero theme that I love. Sorry for the scan but the envelop was so big that I could not scan it completely.

Found poetry for Phillip Lerche

Few weeks ago, I shared with you the invitation that Phillip sent me to participate to his found poetry challenge. Time has come to share with you the result. Here is the card I sent.

And here is the envelope I made to send it.

Both are made using the digital kit “Academic” from Jen Maddocks Design.

A bunch of contributions from the “confraria de arte postal Selus”

I received this large envelope from Brazil.

It is coming from the “confraria de arte postal Selus”, which seems to be a group of mail artists. The envelope was filled with eight (yes eight! ) very nice contributions to my paper bag mail art call.

First this envelop from Solange Keller.

Then three envelopes from Heloisa Sonaglio

One envelope from Joel Silva

One envelope from Lavinia Thys

And two envelopes from Maria Luiza Cangeri.