More paper bags

I’m very late blogging some of the contributions that I received. So in order to catch up a bit, I have decided to group some of them in the same post. Otherwise if I share only one contribution per post as I have done before, it will take ages before I share everything with you.
First here is an envelope sent by Troy Brooks. A very nice grocery bag from Whole Foods Market. I really like  the Harvey Milk stamps and the rainbowish earth stamp.

Then a sending from Deborah Dutton, using a Trader Joe’s bag.

And a large envelope send from Australia by Robyn Banks with a super hero theme that I love. Sorry for the scan but the envelop was so big that I could not scan it completely.

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  1. love the multiple bag post! note the Trader Joe's bags, the plastic re-usable bags are city/state specific so there are many versions of those