Two new paper bags I sent

I’m slowly catching up with answering to the contributors to my paper bag mail art call. I recently sent two new ones. The first one is a very simple one, a bag from a company called André that sells shoes. They have large white and blue paper bags. The blue part of the bag has the following written on it: Avoue, je t’ai fait caquer! (meaning : Admit that I made you crack). And I must say that the cat stamp I used made me crack! The envelope was sent to Corinne Parchantour.

The second one is made from another bag of the Columbus Café company. I used one of the sides of the bag that has strips on I, and I collaged the bear’s head which is the logo of the company. And as a sort of seal on the back, I used a part of the cardboard sleeve they give you to hold your coffee when it is hot. The envelope was send to Fleur Helsingor.

2 commentaires:

  1. Nice to see another Columbus bag.

    And I really like the views of cats' faces La Poste chose for the cat stamps. I feel like I can see their personalities.

    1. Yes this set of stamps is really cute.