Received from Diane Bertrand

A new charming contribution from Diane, made from what I think is a gift bag.

Letter to Simon Warren

I made this envelope years ago (yes years ago) from the page of a magazine. The guys on the picture seem to look for something… so I added the quote.

Received from Jon Foster

I recently read an update on Jon Foster’s blog about his 9x9 mail art call (see here for details) and I decided to try to participate. I contacted Jon asking him if he would accept international contributors and he answered positively. Few days later I received this letter from him with the instruction and the cardboard square that I need to work on. The idea is to collage, paint or whatever you want to do to decorate the square. So in few days I will share with you what I did (still need some time to finish it). Stay tuned.

Light and darkness

A painted and stamped bag sent to Dorothea. The stamp set is from Visoble Image (I love their stamps).

Paper bag from Nadine Lenain

Nadine sent me this cute gift bag that traveled very well despite the handles (and the tag !). 

Where are you, summer ?

In order to fight against the awful weather we are having in Paris, I felt like making some summer themed envelopes like this one I sent to Judy.

A letter from Canada

A very nice letter sent by Phillip during his trip to Canada. Look at these nice maple leaf shaped stamps and the nice postmark.

Sun mail art call : my first contribution... and more

Here is my first contribution to Philippe Charron's mail art call "Send me your sun".

And a Minions themed envelope also sent to Philippe.

A paper bag booklet from Katerina

Katerina sent me a very nice booklet made from paper bags! She also decorated some of the pages using, among other things, stickers and stamps from Stripygoose and Finnbadger.

Jeanne Moreau

Few weeks ago, Jeanne Moreau, a very famous French actress has passed away. I really liked her so I decided, as a tribute, to create a mail art using one of her quotes. The quote says : "Age does not protect you from love, but love, to some extent, protects you from the dangers of age". 

Received from Kerosene

I received from Kerosene an envelope made from a paper bag containing lots of goodies : two small envelopes full of postage stamps anf a set of Fluxus Bucks.

Black and White

My contribution to the Black and White mail art project.

A set of paper bags from Uwe Klein

Uwe sent me a set of three paper bags recently. First a baker bag.

Then, what I assume to be a pharmacy bag.

And then a fun postcard decorated with sugar paper bags !

Playing with mixed media (cont’d)

One more time, I wanted to play with some mixed media techniques to make an envelope for Carroll. The envelope is made from a paper bag that I painted using my gelli plate. I then used a Viva Las Vegas rubber stamp and I added some paper dolls from Tim Holtz. The quote if from the song “Your Funny Uncle” from the Pet Shop Boys.

Received from Connie Jean

A very colorful popcorn bag received from Connie.

Exchange with Vi-Gasco

A new contact sent me this wonderful envelope with the drawing of a frog. Beautiful. And I’m surprised by the postmark on the stamp that has a style I have never seen before.

In exchange I sent this envelope.

Digital mail art from Hester

Hester found a very original way to answer my Digital mail art call. She used papers printed with a computer to make envelopes (transforming them into mail art)!