Miscellaneous paper bag envelopes I sent

First a “baguette” bag that was given to me by a friend and that I colored with my color pencils before sending it to Grace.

For the next envelope, I used a special bag that I got at my supermarket. When you buy vegetables at this supermarket, you must put them in a paper bag to get them weighed. In the past, they were giving plastic bags for that. But since the law has forbidden the usage of plastic bags, they were offering nice brown paper bags. But recently they changed to a new type of bags: a bag with one face made of brown paper, and one face with a cellophane paper. I guess this is to ease the job of the girl or guy who is weighing your vegetables: with the cellophane, there is no need to open the bag to see what type of vegetables you took. This bag, transparent on one side, made me feel like using it to answer Eduard Egorov’s call (windows of the world) and I made a “window” on Paris.

Finally, I sent two similar envelopes to Uwe and Simon, made from a Quiksilver paper bag, playing with black and white.

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