Sent to Dianne Carey

To answer Dianne's contribution I made an envelope from a Starbucks bag that was decorated with some leaf design. I just colored the leaves with color pencils and I added the insect stamps that I really love to use.

Received from Pascale Championnet

Two contributions received from Pascale Championnet. The first one fits well with Halloween !

Do you like strawberries?

Strawberry is my favorite fruit. It is not always easy to get very ones unfortunately. I was really excited when I got a large vintage bag picturing strawberries. I made three envelopes from it (sorry I forgot to scan the third one...)

Received from Nicole Eippers

A cute sending from Nicole. I love this bag.

Fallen angels

Envelope sent to Simon Warren made using the “urban” digital kit from Jen Maddocks Design. I definitively love this kit.

Received from Anna Karina Fries

A new contributor from Germany who sent me two very nice contributions.

A cow for Thérèse Warryn

I think this is the first time I draw on an envelope. Of course, I used a model I found on the internet, but I’m rather happy with the result.

PTE September exchange: received from Jean Wilson

For September Exchange Jean sent me a very nice envelope, bit once again, it has been spoiled by a stupid postal clerk who found nothing better than to use his/her biro on the stamps. I’m really upset. I cannot understand how you can work for a postal service, whatever the country, and show so few respect to stamps and mails!

One more sun for Philippe Charron

A new sun for my friend Philippe, using a bag from “Nicolas”, the wine store company, and a stencil from Mike Deakin. The paper from the Nicolas bags is coated so the ink of the Sharpie had difficulties to soak into the paper. I’m therefore not completely happy with the result.

Received from Philippe Charron

Very nice item received from Philippe. The envelope is made from a paper pocket used by a restaurant called “Le Chaudron” (The cauldron) to present the napkin and the knife & fork. Philippe added “demi” (i.e. half) to the name of the restaurant to match the stamp!

Exchange with Phillip Lerche

Phillip sent me this fantastic paper bag. The bag is wonderful, the postmark is wonderful. Perfect item!

As an answer, I send him this envelope made from a vintage paper bag. The “Mammouth stores” were big supermarkets. The brand has disappeared so I guess the bag is a sort of collector… I had this one since ages and it was a bit torn so I thought I could make good use of it in making an envelope. I added some prehistoric themed stamps and washi tape.

Mini Mission Inspiration: Fearless

For September, the prompt for the Mini Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin was Fearless.

Here is the envelope I have made.

Exchange with Jocelyne Depierre

Jocelyne sent me this envelope made from a bag and illustrated with the letter V

As an answer, I made this envelope on the theme “Thailand”. I’m not very familiar with Thai art but I see it full of gold, so the background of the envelope is painted using a stencil and gold paint. I know this is not so obvious from the scan.

Sunflowers sent to Elena

A collage made on a brown paper bag envelope. The sunflowers come from a collage sheet I got on Mike Deakin’s website.

Received from David Stanley Aponte

David sent me so many goodies that I could not scan all of them. Here is only a selection.

More Starbucks bags

I told you there would be more. So here they are, more envelopes made from the Starbucks bags I got from Japan.

Paper bags from Christiane and Uwe

Two recent items sent by Christiane who uses bags and souvenirs she has brought with her from her last holidays in Sydney.

And some more paper bags from Uwe. The first one is an airline sick bag. I’m glad to see I’m not the only weirdo using this type of bag as envelope.