MMSA swap: decorated envelopes

Here are the fantastic envelopes I received through the MMSA (Mail Me Some Art) swap hosted by Phillip few weeks ago. The last one is a bonus envelope sent by Phillip.

Last envelope from October PTE exchange

The last envelope from the October PTE exchange finally arrived. It took more than one month to come from Mexico… Sara also included a very nice ATC, both being Halloween related.

An apple a day…

Using the second of the free bags I got in the flow magazine, I created this envelope for Christiane Hurel.

Received from The Celestial Scribe

Another fantastic sending from The Celestial Scribe.
I love the way the scribe altered one of my postcard.

Sent to Iryna Barysava

I used another Kleenex box to make an envelope for Iryna. I really liked the sea life theme on this one.

Inside I included my very first altered Rolodex card. I have tons of Rolodex cards that are useless now, so I decided to try to alter some for the fun. The background of this one was gelli printed and I added some splash stamping in red. The little monster is a digital stamp design by the artist Paul Browning (@paulbrowning_hota on Instagram) that I printed and colored with my Copic markers. The quote is from Bette Davies in the movie “The Cabin in the Cotton”.

Received from Jon Foster

A nice surprise sending from Jon with very interesting prints inside.

More paper bags received

Another post where I group a bunch of paper bag envelopes that I received in the previous weeks.
The first one comes from Corinne Parchantour, in France.

Next one is from Vesna Majer, from Croatia.

Then a baker bag from Philippe Charron, from France.

Some “art in a bag” from Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece.

And finally, four from Anna Karine Fries from Germany. Among them, again there is one made from a vacuum cleaner bag!

Sent to Susan Stewart

I recently got three free paper bags in a magazine that I read from time to time (Flow magazine). I decided to use them as basis for envelopes, of course. Here is the first one that I sent to Susan. I customized the bag using my metallic Sharpies (I’m impressed by the quality of the metallic Sharpies compared to a lot of metallic markers I have used so far…) in gold, silver and copper. The result is better in real life, as usual the scanner does not really like metallic shimmer. I also added some of my thin washi tape that I have since ages.

I also sent to Susan one of my recent ATC.

Lots of paper bags received

I have such a backlog in blogging all contributions to my paper bag mail art call, that I’m grouping some of them into the same post.
First two items from new contributors. The first one if from Manuel Xio Blanco, from Spain.

The second one is from Ruggero Maggi from Italy.

Then a sending from Connie Jean, from USA.

A nice dreamcatcher from Jocelyne Depierre from France.

And finally a bunch of seven (yes seven !) items from Uwe Klein from Germany. The last one is made from a vacuum cleaner bag! This is a first! (but you will see in a later post that this is not the only one).