Last day of 2017...

This is the time of the year when we all like to make a pause and reflect on what has happened during the last year. For those who defined personal goals at the beginning of 2017, this is also the right time to check what was achieved, and what was not. 

On my side, I will mention three main achievements from the past year. 

First of all, my “paper bag” mail art call has been a blast! But I will come back on this, a bit later in this post. 

Then, I have never been so productive on my blog. I have exceeded the average of one post per day for the full year. 377 posts published in 2017. This is a first for me since the creation of my blog in 2011. And for this I must send a big THANK YOU to all of you. Because your fidelity, your comments, your support have been key in this success. 

And last, but not least, I have tried a lot of new techniques for my mail art. I have discovered new areas, new creative ways of expressing myself. I’m extremely amazed by the progress I have made. Until end of last year, I would say that 99% of my mail art production was digital. No problem with that, but I know a lot of people consider digital art as not “real art” and I really wanted to explore new techniques. In 2017 more than 75% of my mail art production was NOT digital. Painting, collaging, drawing, stenciling, stamping… I tried a lot. With or without success, I don’t know, I will let you judge, but I had so much fun. And this is the key. I do it for FUN. 

So, I’m very satisfied of my what I would call my 2017 artistic journey. 

Let’s come back on the paper bags mail art call. Before giving you any details, let me send a big THANK YOU to all contributors. I have had so much fun receiving all the nice envelopes or cards you made from paper bags. And I had so much fun answering (well to be honest I’m still a bit behind in answering, but I will catch up). So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. 

79 contributors from 16 countries have participated to my call. Leading to 233 items received so far. Yes 233, you read correctly. This means an average of 2,9 sending per contributor. This is amazing! USA, France and Germany are the top countries in term of contributions and contributors. 

So what’s next? Well, feel free to continue sending me mail art made from recycled material. This is always welcome! For 2018 I will launch two new calls, but more details tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the last day of the year.

11 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for all the great blog posts this year, Eric. Happy New Year!

  2. Une bonne et heureuse année 2018 ! Bonheur santé et des milliers de lettres et d'échanges !Amitié

    1. Merci Fabienne. Plein de bonnes choses pour toi pour 2018

  3. I took up mail art and calligraphy last summer. Then I found and subscribed to your blog. I enjoy your effort very much. May 2018 be kind to you.

  4. Thank you for being a great host. Happy new year with its new achievements and experiments.

  5. great achievements all around Hip! Hip! Hooray! and all the best for 2018 looking forward to reading about the next mail art calls

  6. bonne année Eric, tous mes voeux les meilleurs pour 2018, bravo pour ton blog et tes nouvelles réalisations artistiques... j'ai bien noté tes nouveaux appels, mais si le sujet sur les grenouilles et les vaches sont encore possibles, je pense que je vais y rester fidèle. Amitiés