October Mini Mission : Shelter

The prompt for October Mini Mission from Mike Deakin was Shelter. The best shelter I ever had was the arms of my teddy bear when I was a kid... So here it is...

Mini mission inspiration: Romance

The prompt for September mini mission inspiration was Romance. Here is the envelope I made.

Science Fiction : exchange with Paul Tiilila

A card received from Paul for my sci-fi mail art call.

A bit of space art for my answer.

October Mission Inspiration

For October, Mike Deakin proposed two set of prompts for Mission Inspiration. One Halloween related and one not related to Halloween.

I decided to created pages for both.

Here is the Halloween set of prompts and my page.

And here is the non Halloween one.

Paperbag from Uwe Klein

Another very nice sending from Uwe.

Postcard from Valdor

A postcard sent by Valdor.

Science Fiction : received from Michel Della Vedova

Michel made a postcard from the cover or a book from my favorite sci-fi author.

Received feom Phillip Lerche

A very nice envelope sent by Phillip.

Paper bag from Imma Padres Brugue

A nice paper bag with a beautiful hand dranw postcard from Imma Padres Brugue.

Sent to Bryan Sanders

Bryan Sanders is an artist that I really like and that I follow on Instagram. 

Sent to Bernhard Zilling

An abstract creation sent to Bernhard.

Paper bag received from Uwe Klein

A nice odd shapped paper bag envelope sent by Uwe.

Sent to Isabelle Obriot

An owl themed envelope for Isabelle.

Sent to Mike Deakin

An envelope sent to Mike Deakin, the creator of the Mission Inspiration Facebook group.

Received from Jerzy Stepniak

A very nice piece of miniature art sent feom Poland.

Sent to Iryna Barysava

I'm a little bit worried that this letter got lost as the gothic font I used for the address may be hard to decypher by postal machines...

Science-Fiction : Exchange with Linda Pelati

Here is the contribution I received from Linda for my Science-Fiction call.

And here is the answer I sent. This is the first of a series I’m preparing on super heroes.

Science Fiction : sent to Uwe Klein

I'm awfully late in answering contributions to my science fiction mail art calls. I'm very sorry for that.

Here is an envelope made from a vintage movie poster.

Received from Bernhard Zilling

A nice sending from Bernhard in Germany.

Mini mission : quiet

The prompt for August mini mission inspiration was : quiet.

Here is the envelope I made.

Paper bag received from Uwe Klein

A collage on Paper bag received from Uwe in Germany.