Sent to Mike Deakin

An envelope sent to Mike Deakin, the creator of the Mission Inspiration Facebook group.

Received from Jerzy Stepniak

A very nice piece of miniature art sent feom Poland.

Sent to Iryna Barysava

I'm a little bit worried that this letter got lost as the gothic font I used for the address may be hard to decypher by postal machines...

Science-Fiction : Exchange with Linda Pelati

Here is the contribution I received from Linda for my Science-Fiction call.

And here is the answer I sent. This is the first of a series I’m preparing on super heroes.

Science Fiction : sent to Uwe Klein

I'm awfully late in answering contributions to my science fiction mail art calls. I'm very sorry for that.

Here is an envelope made from a vintage movie poster.

Received from Bernhard Zilling

A nice sending from Bernhard in Germany.

Mini mission : quiet

The prompt for August mini mission inspiration was : quiet.

Here is the envelope I made.

Paper bag received from Uwe Klein

A collage on Paper bag received from Uwe in Germany.

August and September Mission Inspiration

Today I’m sharing not one but two digital art journal pages from the challenge Mission Inspiration organized by Mike Deakin. As usual these pages are then printed in the form of postcards and some of you may receive one…
First here are the prompts, suggested colors and words for August Mission.

And here is the page I made.

Then the September Mission prompts.

And my page.

Science fiction: received from Irene Ronchetti

First of all I would like to appologize for the lack of update of my blog in the last weeks. Serious health issues have kept me away of any mail art activities. I'm now (almost) back in shape so I will resume my activities... hopefully.

Today I'm sharing a very nice sending from Irene Ronchetti who also included a mail art call.

July Mini Mission Inspiration : power

The prompt for the July mini mission from Mile Deakin was Power.

I immediatly thought about Super powers and I decided to make an envelope with a suoer hero comic books style. If you to Phillip's blog you'll see that this envelope has traveled extremely fast!

Received from Serendipity

I haven’t been very active on this blog and in the mail art world in the last weeks. And I apologize for that. Paris is experiencing a heat wave sine two weeks and I must admit that with such high temperatures, I did not feel like doing anything …

Anyway today I would like to share this fantastic postcard received from Serendipity. This is a collage made on a vinyl record ! it gives a very sturdy (but also heavy) postcard

More paper bags

A bunch of paper bags I sent recently. Most of them have been given to me by Anna-Karina and Uwe. Thanks a lot to them !

Painted paper bags

Some painted paper bags I sent recently.