Science Fiction from Sabela Bana

A very nice contribution from Sabela for my science fiction mail art call.

Collage on paper bags

Lately I have had a lot of fun collaging some images on paper bag envelopes that I have preliminary gelli printed. As these two I sent to Kerosene and Anna.

Received from CariCa

I received the following item from CariCa.

When trying to open it, I realized that it was a large piece of paper (obviously coming from a paper bag) folded in four, and stuck with repositionable glue. Once unfolded, it gave this wonderful piece of art (the item being quite large I had to scan it in several pieces).

A bunch of paper bags

Yes, the paper bags saga continues. I’m trying to catch up answering all contributions. I was helped by a fantastic Christmas gift I received from Anna and Uwe: a package full of paper bags ready to be recycled!

Of course, the first two went to Anna and Uwe. I added some colors and white accents on the bags.

One of the bags had pigs design so of course I used it for Nicole.

Then I used a very colorful baker bag for an envelope to Ruggero.

Received from Kerosene

A very cute envelope and card from Kerosene. And also, a wonderful ATC.

More Rolodex cards

Here are some Rolodex I sent recently. All cards have a gelli printed background.

For the first one I experimented with the technique to stamp on tissue paper and then stick the paper on a card. This seems magic, but the tissue paper disappears.

For the second one I played with some alcohol inks on a butterfly die cut made from a book page.

The last one uses a quote from Lewis Carol that I really like.

Paper bag from Jean Wilson

A nice paper bag received from Jean as part of the December PTEX exchange.

Monster attack !

Sometimes I like sending items that are not really intended to be sent. Like this piece of packaging I sent to Phillip because I loved the design. I hope it arrived safely. 

And if you wonder what a “walking eraser” is, it is an eraser… that walks. In fact, the packaging contained a King Kong shaped eraser (!) with a mechanism that makes it walk, like a toy.

Received from Christiane Hurel

Christmas greetings that I'm awfuly late to share. The envelope was made from the page a catalogue I think.

Sent to Philippe Charron

A simple envelope sent to Philippe to use this “street art” stamp issued by the French post some years ago.

Received from Diane Bertrand

Diane sent me a nice card with a drawing stuck on the back made on a piece of paper bag. The drawing was too large for the scanner so it is a bit cut.

Kusmi tea bag received from Philippe Charron

A very nice envelope made by Philippe from a Kusmi tea paper bag.

Sent to Therese Waryn

Another envelope where I intended to use the paper napkin collage technique and where I ended scanning the napkin.... The background is gelli printed.

Received from Norbert Koczorski

A very nice contribution from Norbert to my paper bag mail art call.

A couple of pigs celebrating the new year for Nicole Eippers

This envelope frustrates me. I must confess. The reason is the following. The two pigs come from a paper napkin. My first objective was to collage the pieces of napkin on the envelope that is made from a paper bag. I had seen this technique used many times on YouTube. But all my trials failed. I got wrinkles. The napkin tore. So, I finally gave up and I scanned the napkin, printed the pigs on a sheet of paper and cut them out. If you have good advices/tips to collage a paper napkin I would be happy to hear from you, as this is a technique I really want to try!

New Year wishes from Philippe Charron

Phillippe’s new year wishes had to come in a fantastic envelope…

Sent to Jean Wilson

I'm very into Alice in Wonderland these days... The envelope is made from a paper bag that has been gelli printed.

Sent to Uwe Klein

A collage made on a gelli printed background for Uwe.

Sent to Christiane Hurel

I reused an idea that I previously used to create this envelope for Christiane.

Digital mail art (cont'd)

More digital mail art. An envelope for Susanne Schumacher, using the digital kit Alice from Foxeysquirrel.

And two envelopes made with the kit "Artful Marks Monsieur" from Jean Maddock. One for Lars Shcumacher. And one for Valdor.

Digital mail art

I haven't stopped making digital mail art. Here are some of my recent creations. 

A tribute to the last Star Wars movie for Phillip.

An envelope made from the digital kit "Artful marks Monsieur" from Jen Maddock Design.

And an envelope made with the digital kit "Summer Meadow" from Studio Em-ka for Christiane.

Typically German

Here is my contribution to the "typical German" from the OBA mail art group.

Mission Inspiration : January 2018

A new month has begun so we have a new mission inspiration challenge from Mike Deakin.

And the page I made. The illustration I used is from J.C Leindecker. 

More paper bags

More paper bags are coming. First a very original sending from Uwe with a plastic fork and knife that traveled very well.

Then a colorful bag from Nadine Lenain.

And then two nice bags from Anna Karina Fries.