Science-fiction: Received from Miguel Jimenez

A contribution from Miguel Jimenez to my sci-fi mail art call.

Received from Ludmila Tihanciuc

A nice postcard received from Ludmila Tihanciuc from Moldova. I think this is the first time I received mail art from Moldova!

Received from Nicole Eippers

A nice item made from a jewelry shop paper bag received from Nicole Eippers.

Paper bag envelope and handmade postcard sent to Eva

An envelope made from a paper bag and a handmade postcard sent to Eval Albiol. The background of the postcard was done with my gelli plate and some rubber stamps.

Paper bag received from Anna Karina Fries

I have used already a similar Woolworth paper bag but I like how Anna used it to make this envelope.

Wine bag

Two envelopes made from a wine paperbag. It comes from a company that sells frozen food. But the recently started to sell wine so that "you don't have to look anywhere else for the wine".

Science-fiction: received from Michelangelo Mayo

A nice contribution from Michelangelo Mayo to my sci-fi mail art call.

Gelli printed envelopes

Two recent envelopes I made from paper bags and that I gelli printed and collaged. 

Received from Bruno Cassaglia

A new sending from Bruno Cassaglia.

Science-fiction : sent to CariCa.

I'm not completly satisfied by the way this envelope turned out. I wanted to give the feeling that Wolverine had ripped the envelope from the inside. The result is not the one I expected...

Science-fiction: received from Gregory Roose

A contribution from Gregory to my sci-fi mail art call. 

Alice in wonderland

Two collaged envelopes made from paper bags using an "Alice in wonderland" inspiration.

Received from Miche-art Universalis

A nice contribution for my sci-fi call and a mail art call.

Three sci-fi envelopes

Three envelopes I made to answer some of my contributors for the sci-fi call.

Received from C.Petry

A very nice handmade postcard received from C.Petry.

February Mini Mission : Key

The February Mini mission prompt from Mike Deakin was Key:

Here is the envelope I made.

Received from Lars Schumacher

I’m definitively very late in sharing on my blog all the nice items I have received in the past months. You should see the huge pile that waits to be scanned… And I’m definitively late answering to everybody. I’m sorry for that.

Anyway, today I’m sharing a very nice digital creation from Lars.

Cat and elephants on paper bags

I don’t remember how I got these paper bags. They are from a company called “coast of India” I think. They are really nice and I just added some colors with my color pencils and some words for the elephant one.

Paper bag received from Yayoi S.W.

A niece paper bag envelope received from Yayoi S.W. and a very nice painted postcard.

Two paper bags

Two new envelopes made from paper bag that I sent to Jean and Christiane.

March Mission Inspiration

This is the time for a new Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin on Facebook.
Here are the prompts.

And here is the page I made.

MMSA Valentine tag swap

Some time ago I shared with you the tag I made for a Valentine Tag swap on MMSA. Here is the tag I received in return from Davida Feder.

And she also sent a note in this very nice card.

Sent to Iryna Barysava

A new collage one gelli printed paper bag envelope sent to Iryna.

I also included this ATC. The rubber stamp I used is from James Burke