Received from Kovacic Pedrarg

A nive piece received from Kovacic Pedrarg.

Received from Bruno Cassaglia

Another nice sendong from Bruno Cassaglia.

Sent to Elena Amette

I really liked this picture that I saw in a magazine and I decided to use it for an envelope to Elena.

Wall paper envelopes received from Christiane Hurel

Two nice envelopes made from wall paper received from Christiane. Both envelopes have a very nice texture that you can’t see on the scan.

Science-fiction: exchange with Katerina Nikoltsou

A very nice card received from Katerina for my sci-fi mail art call. I love the eyes of the little creatures.

And the envelope I made for my answer.

Received from Lars Schumacher

Anothet nice sending from Lars.

Mini Mission : Lost

Another mini mission from Mike Deakin. The prompt is : Lost.

And here is the envelope I did.

More Rolodex and ATC

Here are some of my most recent altered Rolodex and ATC.

Paperbag received from Uwe Klein

I still habe many paperbags to share with you like this one received from Uwe.

Received from Tofu

A nice “year of the dog” postcard and three ATC from Tofu.

Sent to Christiane Hurel

Envelope made for the prompt “Friendship” from Nina Ribena’s Facebook group.

Received from Horvarth Piroska

A fantastic sending from Horvarth Piroska from Austria with lots of goodies in the envelope.