More paper bags

A bunch of paper bags I sent recently. Most of them have been given to me by Anna-Karina and Uwe. Thanks a lot to them !

Painted paper bags

Some painted paper bags I sent recently.

Paper bag from Allen C.

A nice paper bag and a cute donnut shapped card received from Allen C.

Handmade postcards

A set of postcards I made using Gelli printed background.

Received from Phillip Lerche

A nice envelope received from Phillip. I love the stamps and how they match the design of the envelop.

More Rolodex and more ATC

Two new Rolodex I made recently. The first one uses a digital stamp designed by Paul Browning. For the second I used a die cut from a street art magazine. Both Rolodex cards have a gelli printed background.

And two ATC.

Sent to Susanne Schumacher

An envelope created on computer using a portrait designed by James Blurke.

Science Fiction : sent to Kerosene

I created this envelope with a double objective. First I wanted to answer the last sending from Kerosene and I took insporation in one of my favorite sci-fi movie (can you guess which one ?). Then I realize it could fit to the prompt of the mini mission inspiration from Mike Deakin "open".

Sent to Philippe Charron

Envelope made on computer for a prompt "repeat after me - abstract".

Received from Kerosene

A very nice sending from Kerosene. It s not obvious on the scan but the envelope is wrapped in a plastic bag and the litle guy is not glued so it looks lile he is floating in the space.

Yellow ATC

Several months ago I participated to an ATC swap on MMSA. The theme was yellow. I realized I never shared the beautiful ATC I got from Honi Chassin and Trudy Headley. 

There were sent together with a beautiful card from Honi 

July mission inspiration

I haven’t been very active in the mail art domain these last weeks, and on this blog. Sometimes life takes over… But I managed to find time to work on the July Mission Inspiration from Miek Deakin. Here are the prompts.

And here is the page I created.