2015 Digital Art Journal - Dream

This page shows the images I am creating for my 2015 Art Journal. Each image is created on computer and then printed in the form of a postcard. I print each of them twice, one will be send to contacts/friends, and one is kept for my archive.


Sent to Eva Albiol

Time Flies

Sent to Phillip Lerche

We're all stories in the end

Sent to Kerosene


Sent to Honi Chassin

Coffee is always a good idea

Sent to Micu

You are not alone

Sent to Crystal Rodner

Late in the season

Sent to Antoine Moreau

One day I will fly away

Sent to Jan Hardt

He dreamed of machines

Sent to Brian Lapsley


Sent to Mike Deakin

Elephants can remember

Sent to Hester Wright.

Black is the new black


SSent to David Stanley Aponte.

Life is a matter of balance

Sent to Sarah Rooke.

Love is the answer

Sent to Marco Simonelli.

4 commentaires:

  1. The Time Flies card is beautiful.

  2. Eric - your work is beautiful!
    I am currently crowdfunding for a short film about a LOT of letters called Eduardo Munez...
    You can read the story and watch our video here:
    We have just 9 days left to raise the funds we need to make the film
    Because we had no money to make our pitch video all the mail is just junk mail - but I would love to use beautiful hand written mail in the actual film... Would you consider sending us a letter to be used as a prop in our film?
    Best wishes,

  3. waw your work is wonderful! love all pages..Great job!