Mail art call: let’s recycle our paper bags!

We get more and more paper bags to wrap our purchases, so let’s recycle them! Let’s use a paper bag to create an envelope. Use any technique you want: keep the structure of the bag or deconstruct it, keep it plain or decorate it… Do what you want, the only rule being that the paper of the envelope must come from a paper bag.
No deadline.

Received items will be published on this blog

Send your creations to:     
Eric Bruth
92 rue Maurice Arnoux
92120 Montrouge

2 commentaires:

  1. Dear Eric!
    I Heloisa Sonaglio e Maria Luiza Cangeri we did not recieve the envelopes of thanks for the postcards sent.We are from the Selus Confraternity postal art.We await hugs news. Heloisa

    1. Hello Heloisa. This is not normal. I sent an answer to all of you as you can see here :

      Could you email me your address and the one from Maria Luiza. I will resend you something.
      My email is

      Sorry for that.