Paper bag received from Uwe Klein 

Uwe used some very nice rubber stamps on this paper bag envelope. I love rubber stamps…  

Science-Fiction: Received from Linda Rogers 

A very nice handmade postcard received from Linda Rogers.  

Science-Fiction: Received from Fuschia

I have a huge backlog of mail art that I have received and did not share yet on my blog. I’m trying to catch up as much as possible. Here is a nice sending from Fuschia for my Mail Art call on Science-Fiction.  

December Mission Inspiration : Step into winter

Concluding three years of Mission Inspiration here are the prompt for the December mission.

And here is the page I made.

Happy new year... and back in track ?

Before anything I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. I hope 2019 will bring you all what you may desire for you, your family and loved ones. 

In a second step I would like to apologize. I have been away from his blog since too long. Life has not be very nice with me in the last months and have kept me away from all sort of art. My only wish for 2019 is to go back on track. To go back to daily update of my blog and to answer to all contributions I received in the past months. Don't know yet if I can make it, but I will do my best.

Let's 2019 be full of joy, love and happiness.

October Mini Mission : Shelter

The prompt for October Mini Mission from Mike Deakin was Shelter. The best shelter I ever had was the arms of my teddy bear when I was a kid... So here it is...