A bunch of nice envelopes

I am back after few days of silence because I had to change my scanner. Well at the beginning I changed my PC. But moving to a brand new PC I also moved from Windows XP to Windows 8... And guess what ? My old scanner is not supported on Windows 8! I tried thousands of tricks but none worked. SO I had to buy a new scanner. Which is good because the old one was very old. The new one seems much better. Quicker, easier. 

Now that I'm back let me share with you some very nice envelopes received through the May envelope swap and some other direct contacts.

First two envelopes from Karen Ness. Note that on both envelopes Karen forgot (?) to write my family name, but both envelopes arrived without issue. My postman starts to know me ;-)

Then an envelope from Cathleen O'Rear.

Another one from Chuck Myrick.

And finally a very nice flower from Candy Wooding. You can read about the "making of" of this envelope on the excellent blog of Candy : My Paper Art.

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  1. Another great set of envelopes.

    Funny, I also just bought a new printer/scanner - my old one was taking multiple attempts to scan and print - I am always resistant to change, but having a new, efficient scanner that is also wireless is fantastic!