2015 digital art journal : Elephants can remember

I do have a good memory. I must confess that it helped me a lot in some situations. But it is also interesting to see the selection made by the brain to choose what will be stored or not in your memory. For instance I remember what I have eaten in a specific restaurant 20 years ago… but I will not be able to give  the names of the people I have worked with, let’s say 10 years ago. I have a problem with names (and especially with names of former colleagues… don’t know why). I forget them after some time without interaction with these people…
So this art journal page is about memory and what best could I choose than an elephant. I love elephants and they are known to have a good memory. Don’t know if this is true or only a legend.
This page has a double meaning in fact because “Elephants can remember” is also the title of a novel from Agatha Christie. I like her novels and I read them a lot when I was younger. I also like the movies or TV series that were made from her stories. Hercule Poirot played by David Suchet is my favorite. I just love what he did with this character. The last episode of the 13th season made a strong impression on me.
So here is the page.

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