January swap : my sending

For the January swap I decided to continue recreating the aspect of mixed media technics with my computer.

For the first one I scan a Gelli print I made and added some digital stencils.

For the second one I used a watercolor background I painted a long time ago. And again digital stencils.

The last three ones are entirely done using digital elements.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Eric, I received my "green" mail and it's even nicer in person, thank you! You've inspired me to mix digital into my mail. Would love to know your process from design to mailing.

    1. Hi Lilli. I m glad you got it and that you liked it. I have the plan to write a sort of tutorial on my blog to explain how I make my envelopes. I m working on it. It should come soon. Stay tuned.