Make it happen: experimentation with new envelope size

Since I have started to produce my own envelopes with my computer I have created envelopes that have only the format called “C6” in France. This is the format that allows putting an A4 sheet of paper folded in four.
But since a long time I want to make envelope with the format called DL that allows putting an A4 sheet folded in three. I was not successful so far because I could not find a way to make such envelope from an A4 sheet of paper. I had a problem with the horizontal flap. This was until I received an envelope with such format but with the flap on the short side instead of the long side. Then, “Eureka!” it triggered some ideas and after several trials and errors I created my first template for a new size of envelopes. As the glued parts are quite small, I needed to find persons to whom I could send these envelopes in order to test their resistance to the postal machines. I selected three persons in three different countries to have a good coverage. And I’m glad to know that the three envelopes arrived safely, so I can share them with you now. Thank you very much to the three testers!

The three envelopes are made using a digital kit called “Montage” from Jen Maddocks design.  I entitled the series “Make it happen” which reminds me a sentence that I have heard too many times all along my professional career.

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