2016 Mission Inspiration : May

Here is the time for a new Mission Inspiration from Mike Deakin. As usual let's start by the prompts. For may the ten steps have been defined by a guest, Trisch Rosema.

And then the page I created. I did not have time to create a step by step description for this one.

I spent last week in London and Brighton to celebrate my 50th birthday. And the first thing I saw when I arrived in London was an article saying "Life begins at 50"! I could not ignore the coincidence and I had to use this in a page. 
As the page is about myself, I added frogs as collage elements. Of course. 
For the blown paint I wanted the result to look like a dandelion but I did not succeed. At the end it looks more like a firework...

2 commentaires:

  1. Merci beaucoup de ta carte postale londonienne. Elle est arrivée aujourd'hui.

    C'est drôle que tu aies rencontré cet article... Mais si la vie commence aux 50.... qu'est-ce que je vais faire pendant les dix ans qui me restent jusqu'à là? ;-)

  2. :) I like the blown paint--dandelion, fireworks, or spider web--it adds a nice touch!