Be wild

Since I have discovered thanks to Phillip the pleasure of making my own envelopes using magazine pages, I can not read a magazine anymore without thinking : would this page make a nice envelope? So I’m accumulating a big amount of magazines, in case of… Usually these are free magazines as the ones you can get in air lines lounges. Sometimes ago I found an Iberia magazine that had an article about Kevin Richardson, this guy who is known as The Lion Whisperer. The pictures included in the article were stunning and I thought they would make great envelopes.

So I just added a "be wild" sticker and here we go.

2 commentaires:

  1. I'm glad to have given you the homemade envelope 'bug'. I like this set, your addition of the short phrase 'be wild' is perfect.

  2. Coucou Eric , chouettes tes enveloppes , comment fais-tu !
    Bisous Thérèse