Fifty states

Fifty is not only my age, this is also the number of states in the USA. Phillip used this fact to send me a very nice contribution for my FIFTY mail art project. He sent me this set of postcards. Each card pictures on the verso what I interpreted as pieces of a jigsaw and representing a state of the USA. And he franked each card with the stamps picturing the flag of the corresponding state. A very nice set. Also there are four bonus cards that I put together as they display the whole jigsaw.

Before I show you the cards, let me add that there is a twist in this set of cards from Phillip. The first one who puts a comment giving the correct answer will win a free mail art from me ;-) Of course Phillip can not participate, as he already knows the answer!

4 commentaires:

  1. magnifique série, quel talent et quelle imagination
    Chapeau l'artiste, et bravo pour ce blog, Mr le cinquantenaire

  2. Great to see them all again! Looks like only Kentucky got a little bit of a water stain.