Five years ago

Five years ago I posted my first article in this blog. This was a simple article to share my very first mail art envelope, a photo-montage with frogs that I sent to myself! At this time I had no idea that five years later I would still be writing in this blog after having published more than 1200 articles. Anniversaries are always the opportunity to look back and see what has happened and to check what is next, so this one will be no exception.

How did I get interested into mail art? At this time I was a philatelist, or to be more accurate, a stamp collector. I had several stamp collections, including one dedicated to frogs on stamps that had 500+ stamps. At this time I was maintaining a blog on philately ( and a website, The Philatelic Frog, to display my collection of frog stamps (website is not available anymore). I was quite active in the philatelic world and I got contacted by Timbres Magazine, one of the biggest French philatelic papers, to publish an article about my frog stamps collection. I was so proud when I saw my interview in the July 2009 issue! A bit later, Stamp magazine, a British philatelic publication, also published my interview together with some of my frog stamps! I was a star ;-)  I did not expect it, but after the publication of my interview in the French magazine, I got some feedback from readers. And one of them was Phillipe Charron, a name you know if you read regularly my blog. He wrote to me to explain that he was very interested by my frog stamps collection. We started to exchange letters about philately, stamps and he quickly explained to me that he was a mail artist. As I showed some interest in his work, he started to send me some “beauties”. I was very impressed and I started to feel like giving a try on my side. As I cannot draw, or paint, or whatever, I decided to use the only tool that I could decently use: my computer. I got my first computer at the age of 17, and since then I have spent so much time in front of a computer screen that I feel more comfortable with a computer mouse in the hand than with a pen. And then came my first envelope. So without Philippe, I would not be there talking to you. Thank you Philippe for this!

Over the years I have stopped my philatelic activities, as I wanted to concentrate more on mail art and on this blog. My technique has evolved (improved?), including some attempts to create non digital mail art, with more or less success but with always a lot of fun. But more than anything else I met hundreds of wonderful people! So a big thank you to all the readers of my blog, the one time visitors or the regular readers, thank you to everybody who has sent me some mail art or who has contributed to my mail art calls, thank you to all of you who have shown their support and who has encouraged me to continue.

Now what is next? What is the future?

For sure I want to continue improving my technique to create digital mail art, I want to contribute to as many mail art calls as possible.

I also want to continue exploring alternative ways to produce mail art like rubber stamping, collage, mixed media. I want to continue my journey in art journaling, but keeping the link with mail art.

I’m thinking of creating a collaborative project involving my fellow mail artist bloggers, but I need to find the right format…

And a lot of other ideas that are in my mind…

Sorry for this long post without pictures. But I wanted to share with you my pleasure of being able to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this blog, which would not have been possible without all of you! So a big “Thank you” again.

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  1. Félicitations, quelle évolution en 5 ans et quel plaisir sans cesse renouvelé de venir sur ce blog pour y contempler les créations de tous les artistes qui sont tes correspondants.
    de la part d'une mail-artiste textile (

  2. Congratulations on five years of blogging and mail art! I've only discovered you recently, but love checking out your beautiful mail. :)

  3. Pas de souci Eric , je te suis j'adore l'art-postal ...collage peintures etc..etc..
    Bisous Thérèse

  4. Happy blogiversary! Hopefully there'll be 5 more years at least.

  5. Thank you for posting this it was nice to learn a bit more about you. I am intersted in your upcoming projects:)

  6. Moi aussi, j'ai aimé ton post. Et moi aussi, j'ai entamé mon blog il y a cinq ans (le 15 mai 2011), avec cette phrase.

    J'ai connu ton blog grâce aux grenouilles. Je me rappelle que je t'ai écrit pour t'offrir te n'envoyer une, et voilà!

    Je participerais volontiers en tes projects futurs, bien sûr!