More 50s from Phillip Lerche

Each of them is a nice surprise. More 50s from Phillip.

First a nice envelope with a fifty embedding the Taurus zodiacal symbol (I'm Taurus). Inside a nice composition with a map.

Then a nice labyrinth and a very nice card.

A glamorous envelope and a sparkling birthday card.

A batman envelope and a nice postcard.

A monkey one (I love this monkey head. So cute). And a monkey postcard.

An envelope sent on the day of my birthday,the 9th of May.

And another one.

A moon envelope and card. I laughed when I saw the "republif of France" that Phillip uses on the address to be able to find a O.

A clever postcard. The middle of the 0 is actually a hole.

And a smiley envelope, agein very clever...

3 commentaires:

  1. It's difficult to decide which one is the best... Good job!

  2. I am really pleased they all arrived in good shape.

    I smiled because the one that I labeled 'non-machinable' went through the machines anyway - I was worried about the hole being destroyed...

    They were all mailed at the same post office, yet one (the first one you show posted 9 May) got a different - much nicer in my opinion - post mark. I wonder why?

    And I don't know what the labyrinth envelope did to deserve the black mark on the stamp, it looks like it was already postmarked normally.

    I keep wondering what your mail carrier thinks this year, with all the extra 'fifty' envelopes?

    And I am wondering when the next batch from M. Charron is coming to the blog ;)