Be strong

Sometimes you need to be patient. A long time ago, I made some attempts to play with my newly bought gelli plate. I produced a lot of prints, some of them that I liked and some of them that I did not like. I put all the ones I did not like in a folder and started to forget about them. Then several months later (even one year later) I looked at these prints once again and, at least one of them attracted my attention. I finally liked it a bit more than the others. I decided to make an envelope with it, and then I was pleased with the result. But it needed something more and I did not know what. So I put this envelope in my “biscuit box” that I use to store all my unused envelopes (for the record this is a star wars themed box in metal with an embossed Darth Vader portrait ;-) ). And it stayed there for again several months. Until I decided to try to add some collage elements on it and I finally came out with this envelope that I sent to Phillip.

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