Paper bags...

It seems that, without any sort of premeditation, a “thematic series” has started in my exchanges with Phillip: envelopes made from paper bags. Paper bags are more and more replacing plastic bags (in fact in France it is now forbidden for a store to give plastic bags), and it is a good opportunity to recycle them into envelopes and mail art items.

Here is an envelope I received from Phillip, made from a crocs store bag.

It is a pity that somebody in the postal service has stroke the stamps with a black pen...
I don’t know if Phillip made it on purpose (I’m sure he did) but look how the “O” is placed in the middle of the flap on the verso side.

And on my side I sent him an envelope made from a bag from the London Hard Rock Café shop.

I’m sure there are more bags to come in this series!

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  1. I didn't place the O on purpose... it is just how it turned out when I made the two envelopes from one bag. Odd about the black mark, when the all the stamps are clearly postmarked by the machine. I feel like I am seeing more and more of the ugly black lines or biro scribble on stamps these days, not sure why.