Postcard sent to Erica Duncan, and a checkpoint

Two different topics for my post of today. 

First one is a postcard I sent to Erica Duncan. While browsing various Mail Art groups on Facebook I saw a call from her about postcard containing a word, so I made a postcard illustrating the word STRONG, using a picture from a vintage bodybuilding magazine.

Then the second topic is in fact a checkpoint. On the 1st of February this year I have decided to start a Mail Art 365 project. For those who are no familiar with this concept, the idea is to create one piece of mail art per day for 365 days (hence the name ;-) ). The point is not necessarily to do something EVERYDAY, but you can create three pieces on the same days and then nothing for the next two days. The objective is that at the end of the full year you have made 365 pieces of mail art. I did not advertise this on my blog before because I forgot. I’m also not publishing my creations on the Mail Art 365 blog because I think one blog is enough (even though I do not necessarily publish everything I create in my blog, I make a selection). I’m counting all the ATCs, postcards, envelopes and Art Journal page (that I transform into postcards) as part of my 365 project. So where am I today? 4th of August is the 186th day of my project and I have created so far 191 pieces of mail art (yeah !). So I’m ahead of my objective which is good because I know I won’t be able to create something in the next days.

As I am more or less at the middle of the path, this is time to check what I have learned so far from this experience.

First of all, I realize that I’m much more productive when I have deadlines. This is something I have noticed at work. In my job I’m used to work under the pressure of deadlines, and I have always been better in the “urgency” of the last hours/minutes. This seems to be the same for my mail art activity: when I have plenty of time I am less efficient and I end up losing a lot of time thinking about ideas, looking for digital material. 

Second point is that my creative mood does not always come when it should ;-) Very often I sit in front of my PC with plenty of time to create and nothing comes. Other times when I’m in the public transports (which is quite often) I suddenly have the head full of ideas to explore. So I have taken the habit to not all ideas that come in such moment so that I can explore it late.

And finally, this project required that I develop a (simple) numbering system to keep track of how many items I was producing. So I started a list of items that I create, to whom they were sent and when. This list is kept in a notebook, which satisfies my other addiction about notebooks (but this is another story). I’m sure I will keep numbering and listing my creations even after the 365 project is over.

So “rendez-vous” on the 31st of January 2017 to check if I have succeeded to complete the Mail Art 365 project (well in my case it will be Mail Art 366 since 2016 is bissextile). 

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