Tomorrow's weather

At the end of July I spent a weekend in London to attend to the best concert I have ever seen from the Pet Shop Boys. It was held at the Royal Opera House, a fantastic place. During this weekend I was lucky enough to stay at a luxurious hotel, where you have two room cleaning services per day: one in the morning and one in the evening. During the evening service, they put a card on your pillow to tell you the weather forecast for the next day. The card is made of a sturdy cardboard, it is illustrated on one side and blank on the other side, and it has a format approaching the one of a postcard. So with my obsession to see “mailable” items everywhere, I decided that I could use this card as a postcard, and therefore I sent this souvenir of my weekend to Phillip.

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  1. Great piece to send through the mail, and sounds like an amazing hotel!