What is the problem with the French post ?

Since the beginning of the year I had four times an envelope that I sent to USA, returned to me without any obvious reasons. Each time the envelope was properly addressed, with the address fully readable. So I cannot understand why the envelope was sent back to me, without even leaving France, obviously. This is really frustrating. When you see the increasing cost of posting a letter, you may expect a better service. At least, if there is a problem, they could put a sticker explaining what is the problem (but I suspect that there is no problem, just lack of attention of the postal clerks…).

Why do I speak about that? Because this happened again with this letter I sent to Phillip. I had to resend it in another envelope. I hope this times it has reached its destination.

And I know Phillipe Charron had the same misadventure with letters sent to me…

2 commentaires:

  1. If you have seen my post today, you will know that it is not just La Poste. USPS also has its fair share of head-scratching moments.

    Thanks for resending this envelope - it arrived without any trouble this time.

  2. What I do to avoid this issue (experienced several times) is mail out from a different city than where I live.