2016 Digital Art Journal: You never know how strong you are…

Several weeks ago Mike Deakin, one of the mixed media artists and YouTubers that I follow regularly, has participated to a video hop with two other artists that I also follow, Paul and Aaron. The subject of their video hop was an intriguing one: Men in heels. If you are interested in mixed media art journaling, then I invite you to watch Mike’s video, Paul’s video and Aaron’s video, as they are really great. They have very different style and this is really interesting to see how they covered the same subjet. 

After having watched the three videos, I asked to myself: how would you have covered the same subject? And then, I decided to challenge myself and to actually create a page in my digital art journal on this subject.

And here it is.

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    1. Yes it is. I think this was part of the challenge. Interesting to think that high heels were worn mainly by men several centuries ago and that they have become a pure female item over the time.