Exchange with Phillip Lerche

Exchanging envelopes made from paper bags with Phillip is what gave me the idea to launch a mail art call about it. So this is always a pleasure when I get one from Phillip. A nice bag with coordinating stamps. A pity that none of them got cancelled.

In return I answered to Phillip with this envelop made from a bag I got years ago in an art supplies store called Eckerley’s and located in Sydney. This is the very first envelope I ever made from a paper bag and it carries a lot of souvenirs as any of my trip to Sydney has been a great moment. So I’m glad this envelope safely reached Phillip.

2 commentaires:

  1. Really surprised to see no postmark... although no postmark is better than the ugly black pen or biro.

  2. The swirl colors from your bag match nicely with the flower stamps