Mail art 365: the result

On the 1st of February 2016 I decided to start a “mail art 365” project. For those who don’t know, mail art 365 project is the project to create one piece of mail art per day during one year. So my target was to create 365 pieces of mail art until 1st of February 2017 (well as 2016 is bissextile this would be more 366 pieces of mail art). I did not have in mind to create something everyday, as I know I don’t have the time for this. But my objective was to be able to reach 366 creations after one year, even though sometimes I would create 5 or 6 on the same day and then nothing for few days.

As today we are the 1st of February 2017, it is time for me to reveal the result. Did I succeed? Did I fail?... well the suspense is almost unbearable…

As of today I have created 366 pieces of mail art in the last 366 days. So, in short: I made it!. Even though I must confess that the "last mile" was very tensed !

This experience has taught me several things.

First I had to put in place a numbering and tracking system. I had to keep track of every single mail art I would do. This (simple) numbering and tracking system is something I will keep for the future because I find it very useful to know where I am. It is a pity I did not track this since the very first day when I started mail art, five years ago. I would know how many envelopes, postcards or ATC I have created until now…

Then I learned a lot about inspiration. There is no way to “force” inspiration and you have to deal with it. Sometimes I was late and I knew I had to create something to catch up my schedule. So I took my PC and tried to do something, even if nothing was really coming to my mind. In such cases, and almost each time, I ended deleting what I was doing because I found it being sh… And then, later, in the middle of something else, an idea comes! Of course this was always at a time when I could not take my PC. I had to keep track of the idea to use it later. So I also developed a tracking system to make sure I note all ideas that come to my mind. It is funny to think about what could inspire you: it could be a color you see in the street, a piece of paper, a page in a magazine, a song you hear, a dream you make, a word that someone tells you… And sometimes there is a huge gap between what inspired you and what you ended creating. This is a lot of fun.

I must also confess that I liked the small “pressure” that this challenge put on me. This was quite exciting to have a target and a deadline. It somehow has stimulated me.

So my mail art 365/366 project is over but of course I will keep doing mail art and I will continue exchanging with all the nice people I have met so far through this activity!

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