More paper bag envelopes from me

Answering to some of the contributors I have recently sent a bunch of new envelopes made from bag.

First to Carroll Davies I sent an envelope made from a bag from Whittard. I visit one of the Whittard shops each time I go to London to buy some herbal tea that I love (You know the type of infusion you drink to have a good sleep. Usually I fall asleep 15 mn after drinking it! Very efficient). The flowers are coming from the bag, but I colored them using my Copic markers.

To Sarah and Lisa I send more envelopes made from a “Good things inside” Body Shop bag.

To Jean I send the second envelope I made from Hester’s bag.

To Nanou, I sent one of my envelope made from a brown bag that I panted and stamped.

And another one for Chantal.

To Philippe Charron, I reused the second part of a pharmacy bag I had used for a previous sending.

To Corinne I sent an envelope made from a bag from a home deco store in Paris, called Maisons du Monde (houses of the world). I love the combination black and kraft. Their bags are very nice and strong. They make perfect paper for an envelope.

To Ursu, I sent another envelope made from a bag you get with bread. This one had an ad for a real estate company. I’m quite pleased with the good match I found between the bag and the stamp!

And finally to Phillip, an envelope made from a bag coming from a Korean restaurant.

5 commentaires:

  1. What a great and varied selection. Nice work. I am really enjoying how you are using some of the beaux timbres on your paper bags. I love how you placed the reflection stamp on the Maisons du Monde bag.

  2. Toutes différentes,toutes superbes !!!!!

  3. Je suis curieuse de connaitre la composition de cette tisane qui fait dormir comme un bébé !

    1. Si mes souvenirs sont bons : camomille, tilleul, lavande...

  4. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the fantasti c lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. published here