More paper bags from me

I used again a “bread” paper bag to answer one of the last contributions from Phillip. This is the type of bag you get when you buy a “baguette”, the traditional French piece of bread. Well in this case this is more when you buy two, because the bag is larger than usual, dimensioned to contain two baguettes.

Again to Phillip and also to Iryna, I sent an envelope made from a bag coming from a stationary store that I love in Paris and called “L’art du papier” (the art of paper). They sell all sort of thinks around paper. They have several shops in Paris, I usually go to the one located in Montparnasse as it is near my favorite café.

3 commentaires:

  1. Such great bags and stamps, and they traveled well.

  2. Très belles réalisations ! Je ne connais pas cette boutique "l'art du papier " ,lorsque j'irai à Paris j'essayerai de m'y rendre !

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