Never hide

I’m always amazed to see how some envelopes come together, following a rather long and disturbed creative process. A long, long time ago I saw an ad for the famous company Ray-ban that said “never hide”. I do not remember the picture but I remember that I found that it was a rather cool slogan and that I should re-use it on one of my digital art journal pages or something else.

Then much later, during a trip to London, I saw an ad in a British magazine for the Moss Bross company picturing a heavily tattooed man. I was somehow fascinated by this picture (did I say that I love tattoes?) and I made a note in my mind to find a way to integrate it in one of my digital creations.

Then one day I realized that 1 + 1 = 2 and that the slogan could go quite well with the picture. So I mixed them and I came up with this envelope that I sent to Snappy.

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