Paper bags, paper bags and more paper bags…

Here is a bunch of envelopes I sent recently to answer the contributions I have received from my paper bag mail art call.

First a Body Shop bag sent to Christiane.

Then two envelopes made from a bag of a store called “Nature et Découvertes”. On these envelopes I re-used the idea of cutting out stamps from the stamp sheet recently issued by the French Post about insects. The envelopes are sent to Troy and Deborah.

One envelope made from a “baguette” bag sent to Dorothea.

Two envelopes made from a pharmacy bag sent to Robyn and Vesna.

One envelope made from a Whittard bag sent to Katerina. I wanted to use the W part of these bags since a long time, so here it is. I added some color to make it more interesting.

One envelope made from an airline disposal bag (don’t know which company…) to Eni. Interesting to note that the French translation is incorrect. It should be something like “Après usage fermez en pliant” and not “par plier”. I’m always puzzled when I see companies accepting bad translations on their products. I mean it should be easy to pay a French native speaker to do a good translation…

Then two items for Phillip. The first one is an answer to his Kleenex envelope. I stole Hester’s idea and I used a chocolate wrapping. The packaging is cute but the chocolate was not so good, I must admit… I used three chocolate scented stamps.

And using the side of a Columbus Café paper bag, I made this envelope adding my signature frogs that I collaged under the strips of the bag. It was fun to do!

4 commentaires:

  1. Great job! All unique. And the chocolate scented stamps... Oh my! :-)

  2. Thanks. The chocolate stamps are quite old so the scent is fading away but Phillip told me they were still smelling chocolate a bit 😊

  3. great set of envelopes and glad you made use of the chocolate wrapper! too bad about the translation to French, really companies should not made that mistake. I wonder if there is a site out there for "bad" translations" could be funny to see how the people that speak, read and write the language being translated view it...will have to check that out

  4. Une très jolie collection d'enveloppes !