More paper bags received

Iryna sent me this very nice collaged envelope and postcard using a paper bag as a basis.

Eva made my day by sending me an envelope using a Desigual bag.

I received a contribution from Eberhard who used a bag from the “Occitane en Provence”. The item was wrapped in a plastic bag from the German post with a message that it had been damaged during the transport. So I don’t know exactly which part has been damaged but I share it with you as I got it.

My friend Mike surprised me with a snow man gift bag, bringing some cool air to this period which is definitively too hot for me.

And a new contribution from Uwe who seems to appreciate my call!

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  1. Iryna Barysava3 août 2017 à 18:30

    Oh, good, so you did get it! I was worried it had got lost because of the stamps...